ALOHA & WELCOME to the Exciting World of Latin, Ballroom, Salsa, Swing, Club & Tango Dancing… by Rita O’Connor, N.D.C.A. Professional!

Why learn to dance with me? 

I’ve been a Professional Ballroom & Latin (tango, salsa, swing, hustle and more) dance teacher for 35 years, turning “pro” after a decade as a successful amateur international dance competitor. 

I have been a full-time dance instructor at some of New York City’s top dance studios and have taught, competed, performed and choreographed Ballroom/Latin, Tango, Swing and all the social dances for beginners through competitive dancers. I’ve also design and create my dance costumes (and other dancers’ as well).

Since 1997, I’ve taught thousands on Maui, after teaching in NYC for 10 years! I’ve had the privilege of helping kama’aina as well as visitors to our beautiful island (from London to Tokyo to Ukraine to South Africa) take their first steps on the dance floor or polish a routine for their Blackpool competition.

Do I LOVE teaching dance and helping people have amazing experiences? ABSOLUTELY and with heartfelt gratitude and accolades to the dance participants of Maui, together we broke the World Record for the largest ballroom dance class in the world (2007)!

I believe that learning to dance through my teaching method is much more about you waking up your inner dancer; your body knows that you can dance, now to convince your mind of that (decades of teaching people just like you has given me that wisdom)!

Part of my mission is to inspire positive changes in people’s lives through partnership dance. I have dedicated my life to the art of self-expression and self-awareness through dancing and other creative practices (private chef, fashion designer, event planner, photographer, copywriter and life coach). I truly love teaching dance while working with people of all ages and walks of life to help them realize new things about themselves while building confidence on the dance floor.

I’d be honored to guide you on your dance journey …every step of the way!

Did You Know…It only takes a limited number of hours to learn the basic of any given dance, and that the rest of the dance journey is filled with pure joy? It’s your childlike curiosity and open-minded attitude as a student which will help you reach your ideal and confident competency (or mastery)! So, let’s dance!

My secret is… keeping my teaching as simple as it needs to be. I sincerely want to know why you want to learn to dance because everyone learns in a different way, at a different pace and by a different style of learning. My way of teaching is personalized and focuses on your dance goals and needs. I touch on all aspects of dance and I’m always adapting to your needs as a student. I generously give of all the dance skills I have to help you excel and reach your dance goals quickly, so that, in a short amount of time, you can be on the dance floor with authentic self-confidence. 

I strive to provide a fun and relaxing atmosphere and my goal is that you are not only able to dance popular sequences, but that you are able to express yourself “naturally” through dance, creating your own combinations and enjoying the dance without “thinking” about trying to dance!  Dance is a state of being, not intellectualizing! I’ll help your body learn to dance with ease, speed, and enthusiasm to create an connection of trust with your partner(s) and enjoy yourself on the dance floor!

Aloha & Happy Dancing!

Rita O’Connor, N.D.C.A. – License #5546

Ballroom & Latin Dance Professional Member, Instructor & Competitor with the National Dance Council of America (N.D.C.A.)
Cell: 808-344-4452

Maui’s Dance Professional with 35 years of Ballroom & Latin Dance Teaching Experience from New York City to Maui 

Proudly Serving the Maui Community since 1997; New York City since 1987


Facebook: – LIKE “Aloha Ballroom Dance Academy by Private Image Dance Studio”

*  Owner of Private Image, Inc. – Dance Studio – Private Lessons from social to competitive dancing for singles or couples; American & International Styles, Solo and Team Formation Dance Performances. 

*  Co-Founder Aloha Ballroom Dance Academy, State of Hawaii’s & World’s Largest Latin & Ballroom Dance Classes (February 2007), a charitable, 501-c3, non-profit whose purpose is to provide professional instruction in latin & ballroom dancing.

*  Professional Instructor, Competitor & Costume Designer formerly with top New York area studios: Pierre Dulaine’s, Paul Pellicoro’s DanceSport & Stepping Out Dance Studios.

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